Lundarskoli is located in Akureyri in the north of Iceland. Akureyri is the biggest city in Iceland outside of the Reykjavik area. Lundarskoli was founded in 1974 and is a primary/secondary public school with students from 6-16 years old. Lundarskoli has a staff of 85 and 480 learners (2017/2018).
Lundarskoli has a reach tradition and good ties to the local community. Icelanders are used to the unique nature in Iceland: fresh water, clean air, untouched nature with lava fields. We must do what we can to take pride of the nature, to preserve it as introduce it to others. In Iceland we see climate
changes in a different weather conditions. Heavy snow where it’s supposed rain, Stormy weathers where the sun used to shine. But why? Is it possible that volcanoes or pollution does play a vital role? Could the amount of carbon dioxide be measured in different places compared and analyses? Every
school has to prepare their student for the future even though we don‘t know what the future has to offer – but we have to try for the children’s sake.

Lundarskoli has an awarded handicraft department of work and we are well affiliated with the people at the University of Akureyri. So every visitor will have an educational and fun time visiting Lundarskoli, Akureyri.