Slovenia, Domžale

In the last days of November we hosted short-term joint staff training event Kick off meeting. Teachers from our partner countries Iceland, Sweden, Estonia and Czech Republic came to visit us and to discuss the project Brownfield Sites where we all participate. Brownfield Sites is an Erasmus+ KA2 project which deals with the brownfield sites in the local communities in order to describe them, to find the solutions for them and also to raise the awareness among pupils, teachers and other citizens about them.
On the first day, we opened a photo exhibition on brownfield sites while listening to a song performed by Barbara and Katja. After the workshop, we did a short walk with the representative of the municipality to see some brownfield sites in Domžale. Then we went to elementary school in Ihan where we met the Erasmus+ team of the school and participated in the workshop about brownfield sites near Ihan together with the pupils. Afterwards, we visited the Straw Hat Museum.
On the second day, we had a lecture on brownfield sites in the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning. As the next, we visited TEREN, a temporary brownfield which the NGO ProstoRož takes care of. On our walk, we also took a look at squatted areas like Metelkova and Rog. After the lunch, we had an informative two hours guided tour through Ljubljana.
On the third day, our guests were shown the Postojna Cave, one of the most prominent Slovenian tourist attractions. At the coast, we visited Škocjanski zatok Nature Reserve where the area, planned to be filled up, then eventually turned into an area full of life. On the other part of the Slovenian Coast, we visited Sečovlje Salina Nature Park, where we learned all about salt production in a traditional way but also the consequences of the human intervention in the sea environment. In the evening, we visited the old city of Piran, before having a nice dinner which was the final part of our training event.
The next event is a short exchange of pupils which will be held in Prague, Czech Republic, in the beginning of Feburary 2019.