Srednja šola Domžale aka Secondary School Domžale is the only upper secondary school in the city of Domžale (12,000 inhabitants, 15 kilometres North from Ljubljana). With about 600 pupils, aged 15-20, and 60 teachers belongs to the smaller schools of that type in Slovenia. On the other hand it offers a variety of educational programmes. About one third of pupils go to the gymnasium (general education school, lasting 4 years), the other attend one of the
vocational programmes, lasting 3 to 4 years, like car mechanic, industrial mechanic, shop assistant; computer technician, engine builder and industrial clerk. In the past, the school was well known after training for the leather processing professions due to industry in the city of Domžale.

There is a huge part of the general education connected to the sciences. In the past decades, the interest of the young people for the nature and technique was in decline, not until last few years there were voices in favour of increasing attention for hard sciences. Then again, no science can be done without the societal context. We want to overcome the classical divisions between the humanities and the natural sciences. The concept of education for sustainable development is offering a distinctive multidisciplinary approach.

The school is a part of an Erasmus+ KA219 project at present; there are some years of experiences in the cultural pupils exchanges with Italy. The school has a Twinning project, awarded with European Quality Label 2017, and there were several projects in the Citizenship Education with Germany and with European Parliament. Some of the teachers from these projects are part of the project applied.